eBook Ninjas: The Development, Design, and Business of Ebooks

This is a unique training and certification program for ebook developers, managers, publishing executives, print book designers involved in ebook creation, and anyone else who is interested in the creation of ebooks. The eBook Ninjas training courses cover detailed information on a wide range of topics related to ebooks, including basic design and development skills, advanced development and fixed layout techniques, programming, ebook sales and marketing, and more.

This program is a joint venture of Firebrand Technologies and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), backed by an advisory council made up of professionals from across the publishing world.

The eBook Ninjas program consists of separate-but-related training courses and certification tests.

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Training in the development, design, and business of ebooks is imperative. These areas change on a constant basis, and having a solid foundation of knowledge and skills allows professionals to adapt quickly to the changes that come along and see past the clutter to the processes and techniques that will make ebooks successful.

The eBook Ninjas training courses cover all of these foundational areas, with solid, practical information that can be used immediately to develop amazing ebooks, while also providing the necessary skills to stay on top of new techniques and opportunities as they arise.


The eBook Ninjas program includes certifications for ebook developers, print designers who work with ebooks, and managers/executives. Becoming certified requires the successful completion of a test that verifies the skills and knowledge of the applicant.