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Episode 14 – eBook Creation Applications

Duration: 1 hours, 00 minutes | Size: 27.66 MB

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Episode 14 – eBook Creation Applications.


  • Nook Color!

Listener Feedback
eBook Software

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Episode 13 – Images

Duration: 50 minutes, 47 seconds | Size: 23.28 MB

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Episode 13 – Images.


Images in eBooks

  • Should images be used?
  • Color or grayscale?
  • Placement and text flow
  • Dimensions and file size

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Episode 12 – Indexes

Duration: 48 minutes, 16 seconds | Size: 22.12 MB

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Episode 12.

Special guest: Jan Wright:,
Some sound issues as we fgure out recording Skype calls.

Indexes (not indicies) and how they can be used in eBooks.

  • No good tools for exporting an index with an eBook
  • Search just doesn’t cut it, we still need indexes
  • We love Grammar Girl
  • Possible

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Episode 11 – DRM

Duration: 56 minutes, 57 seconds | Size: 26.1 MB

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Episode 11

DRM: Digital Rights Management
Special guest: original Ninja, Derek Kurth

Doctorows First Law: Any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and wont give you a key, theyre not doing it for your benefit.

Kindle DRM:

  • encryption key based
  • same as the old mobipocket

ePub DRM:

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