Episode 17 – 2010 Year in Review

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Episode 17 – 2010 Year in Review

Our colleague Kyle joins us to discuss 2010: the year of the eBook.


  • iFlow Reader HD
    very cool scrolling, or screen-by-screen
    store purchases only
  • mobipocket ending distribution for Kindle store in favor of DTP. Wait, what?




  • Agency Model takes over eBooks (Amazon caves to Macmillan in January)


  • Bowker releases official position paper confirming practice of each format getting a unique ISBN
  • Ibis Reader goes live/li>


  • Joshua hires Toby — nepotism at its best (or worst)
  • Pew releases research stating internet now more popular than newspapers for news (didn’t this happen in 2002?)


  • iPad Released (wow!) — 450,000 sold in first week; predictable slew of iPad killers fail at “killing”
  • US GAO says most piracy studies are junk (http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/04/us-government-finally-admits-most-piracy-estimates-are-bogus.ars)
  • Bowker releases numbers for 2009: Traditional books 288,355 — Non-traditional (self-published) books 764,448, 181% increase over 2008 (http://www.bowker.com/index.php/press-releases/616-bowker-reports-traditional-us-book-production-flat-in-2009)
  • Kobo eReader ships, world yawns


  • eBook Architects moves into new office, Chris starts
  • B&N announces PubIt!, author/publisher upload platform like the Amazon DTP


  • Clearwater High School in St. Petersberg, FL, announces plans to give every student a Kindle in 2010 Fall semester
  • iPhone 4 announced
  • Bowker says that the Kindle has become the dominant eBook platform (over computers) (http://www.thebookseller.com/news/120138-dont-be-handcuffed-over-e-books-bowker-warns-bea.html)
  • WiFi-only nook released, price war with Kindle starts
  • Plastic Logic Que postponed indefintiely
  • Kindle Android App released
  • Amazon starts offering 70% royalty on titles within certain price range (competing with Apple)
  • Amazon announces video and audio support in some books in the iPad and iPhone apps


  • Amazon awarded patent on Nook-like interface (large eInk, small LCD); Microsoft awarded patent on curling page turn
  • Cooler Reader in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Kindle eBook sales pass hardback books on Amazon
  • Apple announces support for HTML5 video and audio in iBooks
  • B&N releases Android app
  • Wilie Agency sidesteps publishers and offers some books on Kindle exclusively
  • Kindle 3 released


  • B&N starts looking for money, trying to put itself up for sale
  • Foxit eSlick discontinued
  • Plastic Logic Que got kicked to the curb — finally
  • Apple Pages supports ePub generation
  • OPDS hits 1.0


  • Cool-er reader comes back with new funding
  • US Court of Appeals says that re-selling digital licenses can be excluded by EULAs
  • B&Ns PubIt! system finally released — very good interface


  • Amazon rumored to be working on Android app store and tablet
  • Bluefire reader released on iPad
  • Study says that iPad sales are helping Amazon; Amazon has 76% of eBook market
  • Kindle device sales surpass Q4 2009 sales
  • Kindle eBook sales surpass print (hardback and paperback) for top 10 bestsellers
  • Amazon begings talks about ebook lending
  • NOOKcolor released


  • Forrester Research releases some numbers on eBook reading: 35% read on a computer, 32% on Kindle, 15% iPhone, 12% Sony, 10% netbooks, 9% Nook, 9% iPad.
  • Plastic Logic gets Russian funding to create a new business-focused eBook device.
  • New York Times will finally start ranking eBooks.
  • Copia goes live. eBook world yawns
  • Havnon make color e ink devices, looks like Tammy Faye Baker in pastel


  • Google launches eBookstore finally — its in beta, even if they say it isnt
  • Amazon announces Kindle for the Web will allow consumers to sell and view complete Kindle eBooks on the web. Fighting back against Google eBooks.
  • Amazon gives authors access to Nielsen BookScan data. Very cool.
  • Kindle sales in 2.5 months of Q4 exceed all of 2009. Looks like they will sell 8 million Kindles this year.

Predictions for 2011

  • iPad 2.0
  • Amazon Android? Tablet
  • Nook Color will Become a Tablet device
  • People will still have christmas lights up in january
  • Sony will come out with another reading device no one uses
  • mirasol & pixel qi, or maybe havnon bigger in US
  • Kindle will lose a little bit of market share, but not significantly
  • Social media (Amazon Kindle app on iPad)

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