Episode 20 – Fonts

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Episode 20 – Fonts

CORRECTION: Joshua was on a business trip last week, not at DBW. He WILL be at DBW next week.

Listener feedback

  • Jennings Crawford from Libre Digital: title pages and branding, sales links in samples



  • Default fonts in Kindle
  • Default fonts in ePub readers
    • iBooks – iosfonts.com
      • Embedding fonts in apple now requires a com file in the META-INF with an option <option name=”specified-fonts”>true</option>
    • Nook, Sony, etc.
  • Embedding
    • ADE character support sucks
    • Web Open Fonts Format
      • Lossless file compression
      • Added Font metadata
      • Currently the use of WOFF asks that you give a link to the WOFF and the ttf for graceful degradation.
    • Google Font Directory

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