Episode 29 – chrome in ebooks

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Episode 29 – eBook chrome

Listener feedback

  • eBookNoir: #ePrdctn listening 2 eBook ninjas on metada, nice discussion on cell companies as well, but luv the piece abt quality of eBook production
  • DC Denison: Only got the 2nd of two part through his ipod listening tool. Picked up second after he heard us explain.


More or Less Chrome on eReaders?

  • With ePub3 Books will have the ability to add interactivity. Including the possibility of displaying the Toc and Nav. Could we start to see Navs and Toc functionality packaged in the eBook where content is less dependant on the functionality of the reader?
  • Textbooks require special functionality that would either be in the ePub3 package or have to be in the

Re-imagine tip

  • floating things. Kindle can’t float. In ePub, do you really want to float?

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