Episode 57 – CSS and Boilerplate

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Episode 57 – CSS and Boilerplate

Special Guest


CSS & Boilerplate
  • CSS template on #eprdctn wiki
  • Boilerplates
  • NCX playOrder help – 1. @cdcasey requested that Grepwin be able to use RegEx to generate a sequence of numbers. Is this counting RegEx specific to Grepwin or can it be used anywhere that RegEx can be run? 2. An ePUBSecrets post has some scripts for both Windows and Mac users
  • Colleen interviews us


Random Tweets

  • @MatthewDiener: For those who don’t know it, ePubPupil is quite the artist. The icons of @PenguinPowered, @cdcasey, and @jtallent are all her work. #ePrdctn


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