Meet the Ninjas

Joshua Tallent, Toby Stevenson, and Chris Casey are the eBook ninjas.

@jtallentJoshua Tallent

A veteran of the eBook world, Joshua has been developing eBook files since 2002. He is a well-known eBook expert and teacher, and is a vocal advocate for beautiful, functional, accessible eBook files. Joshua founded eBook Architects in 2008 with the goal of creating the best eBook files available on the market. He is an active speaker and teacher on topics related to eBooks and eBook design, conducting numerous online and in-person seminars for groups like Digital Book World, BISG, and the Association of Canadian Publishers, as well as speaking at conferences like Tools of Change, Digital Book World, and BookExpo America.

@penguinpoweredToby Stevenson

Toby enjoys long walks to the bar, cracking jokes in movie theaters, shooting his loved ones with nerf guns and penguins (wait…penguins?). Oh yeah, he also likes software development. In March of 2010 Toby took on the ultimate challenge of his professional career and made the “s” in “eBook Architects” official, becoming the company’s first employee. Having worked with Joshua in the past creating quality eBooks, there was no way Toby could turn down this amazing opportunity. Since then, Toby has enjoyed a growing industry, a growing company, and constantly beating his co-workers at Golden Eye.

@cdcaseyChris Casey

After his stint in ‘Nam, Chris lived with a small tribe of Malaysian pygmies until 1981. His whereabouts for the next ten years are largely unknown, but he surfaced again in Austin, TX in 1990 working at a then-local bookstore chain. Later, after some time in IT and an ill-advised career attempt in chemistry, his wife showed him an email in which someone was looking for a person with experience in HTML, CSS, regular expressions, scripting, and proper use of the Oxford comma. He said, “Sure, whatever,” and is now Senior eBook Architect and a member of the eBook Ninjas Podcast. Chris enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling.


eBook Architects, a service of Firebrand Technologies, works with authors and publishers of all sizes, designing high-quality eBooks in the major eBook formats. In addition to converting standard trade fiction and non-fiction, eBook Architects has built a solid reputation as the premier development house for complex and enhanced eBooks, including childrens eBooks, eTextbooks, cookbooks, and other design-heavy content.